Blinking Smart Stop Increases Motorist Awareness of Motorcycles     -     No matter what type of bike you ride.

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Womens Speedster Motorcycle Jacket

“Anything you can do to raise visibility of a of a motor cycle is good."




Smart Stop - Ownership: 5 day to 18 week



Ease of Use:


Build Quality:




Overall Rating:



Pros: Small and compact. Uses In line wiring to your existing brake light line. Works great with any rear  standard bulbs or LED Brake lights on any 6 and 12 Volt motorcycle. Great alternative to BACKOFF flasher brand.  Clear DIY instructions. and NO PARTS TO BUY

Cons: Haven’t found any so far.

Other Thoughts: Ordered a second unit for my car, these people do great stuff.

Bottom-line: Great product and price.


Just wanted to drop a line and say I fitted my smart stop three weeks ago, to my Nnja ZX  Great little gadget.  Has a purpose too, people following certainly keep there distance.
Thanks !

Mark Scott, TX.

Good product guys installed in no time. The intelligent unit is the way to go I like the flash pattern as it does that pulsing even when I'm stopped. Have already recommended it to some guys at the club I belong to. Hope you get plenty of orders.

Kevin J CA.

Great product it took only 10 minutes to install the smart stop and it works great.

I love it.

Bill Hudson VA

I purchased your product for my son son who has just got his M/C license, after using you product on my car it was a no brainer to get one for him as I know the 2 years I've had mine  drivers keep there distance, he fitted his in about 10mins.  I like the intelligent module I might upgrade the one on my car - great product!

Dallas Mintoff  CA.

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